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PCS Limos have been serving the Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and other cast communities for years. With the cost of Asian weddings rising day to day, they are averaging a total of £20,000, which means you don’t want to waste money – so you need a service just perfect, we provide this.

Once booked with PCS Limos you will not have to worry about anything regarding transport or appearance of yourselves arriving at your destination in a choice of Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes or Limousines. We offer these luxury vehicles, covering areas such as; London, Leicester, Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Bradford. With the stresses of the wedding day, delays are inevitable, which is why all our drivers are patient and understanding during the day

Indian Wedding Cars

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Indian Wedding Cars

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  • Tailor-made days and evenings - please call for a quote

Indian Wedding Car Hire

Indian weddings are known throughout the world because of its diversity and richness in culture. It is one of the very few countries where modernity and tradition form an excellent blend which manifest also in the UK. In reality, these types of paradoxes attached to this land have simply added to its magnificence and splendour. Along with the difference in the customs and the proceedings, variety are usually witnessed in the Indian bridal wedding dress, which may be anything from the wedding sari to the traditional lehenga. Very important ingredient of each and every Indian wedding ceremony include the wedding invitations and wedding cards.

Hindu Wedding Car Hire

Hindu marriages convey customs, rituals and elaborate celebrations. An authentic Hindu wedding ceremony mostly lasts for four to five days. The function is split into three parts pre wedding ceremony, main day ceremony and post wedding ceremony. Havan: The custom denotes the original main wedding ceremony. The priest ties the end of the groom's dhoti or the kurta; with that of the bride's saree, the knot implies the sacred wedlock.

Sikh Wedding Cars

Sikh Wedding Car Hire

Sikh weddings are held during the day and is also a very joyous and festive event, which is certainly family orientated nevertheless not so ceremonious or elaborate. Conventional Sikh wedding is referred to as Anand Karaj which implies 'Blissful Union".

The hidaayats or their duties and obligations towards each other as man and wife in addition to towards their elders are recited to them. Relations and friends garland the newly married couple and the marriage ceremony wraps up with a lavish feast. Doli: The bride wears new clothes, which are provided by the groom’s family.

Gujarati Wedding Car Hire

Gujarati wedding is a ceremonial concept similarly to other Indian marriages. It is inexorably a storehouse of various fun-filled rituals as well as a religious occasion. Numerous inimitable and colourful rituals help to make Gujarati wedding distinctive from other Indian weddings. Wedding reception: The reception is generally held shortly after the wedding. It is definitely an opportunity for relatives; friends along with well-wishers to bless the newly married happy couple, then enjoy a opulent meal with them and give them presents.

Muslim Wedding Car Hire

Muslim culture has always held a character of individuality and traditionalism. Wedding ceremonies in Muslim culture are held under a specific Muslim Personal Law. The marriage in Muslims is commitment based and the law strictly demands that none of the two individuals should be pressured into a marriage.

Nikah: The traditional Muslim wedding occurs with the bride and the groom seated in separate rooms or perhaps the same room separated by way of a curtain though it is not in case of all the marriage ceremonies. Then the Qazi reads verses from Quran and asks the bride for her agreement to receive the meher and the groom as her husband. Once she gives her permission, the Qazi reads this Nikah-nama or the marriage contract to the groom.

Valimah: This is the wedding reception ceremony, that takes place at the groom's place, involving a fantastic banquet as well as meeting of all the family members and guests of both the families.


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Our service is for the whole day, from the Civil to the Reception and back to the house, whatever your request PCS Limos will strive to meeting those requests with exceedingly immense results.